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drift British & World English

Be carried slowly by a current of air or water

drift English Thesaurus

his life raft drifted back over the horizon

drift ice British & World English

Detached pieces of ice drifting with the wind or ocean currents

drift net British & World English

A large net for herring and similar fish, kept upright by weights at the bottom and floats at the top and allowed to drift with the tide

drift pin British & World English

A steel pin driven into a hole in a piece of metal to enlarge, shape, or align the hole

drift apart British & World English

(Of two or more people) gradually become less intimate or friendly

wage drift British & World English

The tendency for the average level of wages actually paid to rise above wage rates through increases in overtime and other factors

genetic drift British & World English

Variation in the relative frequency of different genotypes in a small population, owing to the chance disappearance of particular genes as individuals die or do not reproduce

longshore drift British & World English

The movement of material along a coast by waves which approach at an angle to the shore but recede directly away from it

continental drift British & World English

The gradual movement of the continents across the earth’s surface through geological time

North Atlantic Drift British & World English

A continuation of the Gulf Stream across the Atlantic Ocean and along the coast of NW Europe, where it has a significant warming effect on the climate

snowdrift British & World English

A bank of deep snow heaped up by the wind

drift off in drift English Thesaurus

again, I felt myself drifting off

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