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dual British & World English

Consisting of two parts, elements, or aspects

dual-use British & World English

(Of technology or equipment) designed or suitable for both civilian and military purposes

dual aspect British & World English

A layout in a room or building in which windows on adjacent walls allow for views in more than one direction

dual control British & World English

(Of an aircraft or vehicle) having two sets of controls, one of which is used by the instructor

dual heritage British & World English

The fact of having parents from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds

dual-purpose British & World English

Serving two purposes or functions

dual carriageway British & World English

A road with a dividing strip between the traffic in opposite directions and usually two or more lanes in each direction

dual nationality British & World English

Citizenship of two countries concurrently

dual to in dual British & World English

(Of a theorem, expression, etc.) related to another by the interchange of particular pairs of terms, such as ‘point’ and ‘line’

dual English Thesaurus

a small flap fulfils a dual purpose as cupboard door and table

dual English-Spanish


dual-use English-Spanish

de doble utilidad

dual-control English-Spanish

de doble mando

dual highway English-Spanish

autovía feminine, carretera

dual-purpose English-Spanish

de doble uso

dual carriageway English-Spanish

autovía feminine, carretera

dual personality in dual English-Spanish

doble personalidad feminine