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dub1 British & World English

Give an unofficial name or nickname to

dub2 British & World English

Provide (a film) with a soundtrack in a different language from the original

dub3 British & World English

An inexperienced or unskilful person

dub4 British & World English

Pay up; make a contribution

dub-dub-dub British & World English

Short form used instead of pronouncing the three letters in the abbreviation www (World Wide Web) in Internet addresses

dub reggae British & World English

A genre of popular dance music made from remixing reggae recordings

dubplate British & World English

An acetate or test pressing of a vinyl record, typically one featuring a dub version of a reggae song that is not yet on general release

dub English Thesaurus

he was dubbed ‘the world's sexiest man’

dub English-Spanish


to dub sb (a) knight in dub English-Spanish

armar a algn caballero