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dumb British & World English

(Of a person) unable to speak, most typically because of congenital deafness

dumb something down in dumb British & World English

Simplify or reduce the intellectual content of something so as to make it accessible to a larger number of people

play dumb in dumb British & World English

Pretend to be unintelligent or unaware in order to deceive someone or gain an advantage

play dumb British & World English

Pretend to be unintelligent or unaware in order to deceive someone or gain an advantage

dumb-ass British & World English

Stupid; brainless

dumb-bell British & World English

A short bar with a weight at each end, used typically in pairs for exercise or muscle-building

dumb cane British & World English

A thick-stemmed plant with large variegated leaves, native to tropical America and widely grown as a houseplant

dumb iron British & World English

A curved side piece of a vehicle chassis, to which the front springs are attached

dumb blonde British & World English

A blonde-haired woman perceived in a stereotypical way as being attractive but unintelligent

dumb cluck British & World English

A stupid person

dumb piano British & World English

A dummy piano keyboard for exercising the fingers

dumb waiter British & World English

A small lift for carrying things, especially food and crockery, between the floors of a building

dumb down in dumb British & World English

Become less intellectually challenging

dumbshow British & World English

Gestures used to convey a meaning or message without speech; mime

dumbphone British & World English

A basic mobile phone that lacks the advanced functionality characteristic of a smartphone

dumbstruck British & World English

So shocked or surprised as to be unable to speak

dumb English Thesaurus

he was born deaf and dumb

dumb-ass English-Spanish

tarado familiar/colloquial, baboso AmLfamiliar/colloquial

dumb down English-Spanish

bajar el nivel intelectual de

to act dumb in dumb English-Spanish

hacerse* el tonto

to remain dumb in dumb English-Spanish

permanecer* en silencio

to be struck dumb in dumb English-Spanish

quedarse mudo, enmudecer*

how dumb can you get?! in dumb English-Spanish

¿cómo puedes ser tan tonto

she played the dumb blonde in dumb English-Spanish

hacía el papel de la típica rubia tonta

don't act innocent/dumb with me! in act English-Spanish

¡no te hagas el inocente/tonto conmigo!

that was a dumb thing to do/say in dumb English-Spanish

¡qué tontería haber hecho/dicho eso!

we're ruled by dumb-ass politicians in dumb-ass English-Spanish

estamos gobernados por políticos tarados

I can't get the dumb thing to work in dumb English-Spanish

no logro hacer que funcione esta porquería