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duster British & World English

A cloth or pad for dusting furniture

red duster British & World English

Informal term for red ensign.

feather duster British & World English

A long-handled brush with a head made of feathers, used for dusting

duster coat in duster British & World English

A woman’s loose, lightweight full-length coat without buttons, of a style originally worn in the 1920s when travelling in an open car

knuckleduster British & World English

A metal guard worn over the knuckles in fighting to increase the effect of blows

duster English-Spanish

borrador masculine

crop duster English-Spanish

fumigador masculine (aéreo)

feather duster English-Spanish

plumero masculine

blackboard duster English-Spanish

borrador masculine

to flick a duster round a room in flick English-Spanish

pasarles un trapo por encima a los muebles

she gave the furniture a quick flick with a duster in flick English-Spanish

les dio una pasada rápida a los muebles con el trapo