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elbow British & World English

The joint between the forearm and the upper arm

elbow room British & World English

Adequate space to move or work in

elbow-to-elbow British & World English

Very close together

elbow-bender British & World English

A heavy or habitual drinker

elbow grease British & World English

Hard physical work, especially vigorous polishing or cleaning

tennis elbow British & World English

Inflammation of the tendons of the elbow (epicondylitis) caused by overuse of the muscles of the forearm

at one's elbow British & World English

Close at hand; nearby

give someone the elbow British & World English

Reject or dismiss someone

more power to your elbow! in power British & World English

Used to encourage someone or express approval of their actions

more power to your elbow! British & World English

Used to encourage someone or express approval of their actions

not know one's arse from one's elbow British & World English

Be totally ignorant or incompetent

elbow English Thesaurus

leaning on one's elbow

elbow pad English-Spanish

codera f

elbow room English Thesaurus

the province wants a little more elbow room within the federation

elbow joint English-Spanish


elbow room English-Spanish

espacio m, sitio m, lugar m

elbow grease English-Spanish

put some elbow grease into it!

elbow wrestling English-Spanish

→ arm wrestling

tennis elbow in tennis English-Spanish

sinovitis f del codo, codo m de tenista

she knocked my elbow in knock English-Spanish

me dio (un golpe) en el codo

she jabbed her elbow into his ribs in jab English-Spanish

le dio un codazo en las costillas

she jogged his elbow just as … in jog English-Spanish

le dio en el codo justo cuando …

the blow put her elbow out of joint in joint English-Spanish

se le dislocó el codo con el golpe

this place needs a bit of elbow grease in elbow grease English-Spanish

lo que hace falta aquí es una buena limpieza

the old elbow's giving him trouble again in the English-Spanish

está teniendo problemas con el codo otra vez