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equivalent British & World English

Equal in value, amount, function, meaning, etc.

dose equivalent British & World English

An estimate of the biological effect of a dose of ionizing radiation, calculated by multiplying the dose received by a factor depending on the type of radiation. It is measured in sieverts

equivalent to in equivalent British & World English

Having the same or a similar effect as

equivalent weight in equivalent British & World English

The mass of a particular substance that can combine with or displace one gram of hydrogen or eight grams of oxygen, used in expressing combining powers, especially of elements

equivalent English Thesaurus

a sound quality equivalent to that of CDs

equivalent English-Spanish


his request was equivalent to a demand in equivalent English-Spanish

su petición era poco menos que una exigencia

it is equivalent to increasing our prices by 7% in equivalent English-Spanish

equivale a aumentar nuestros precios en un 7%

there isn't an exact English equivalent for that word in equivalent English-Spanish

en inglés no hay (un) equivalente exacto de esa palabra

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