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evening British & World English

The period of time at the end of the day, usually from about 6 p.m. to bedtime

even1 British & World English

Make or become even

evening class British & World English

A class held in the evening, forming part of a course for adults

evening gown British & World English

A long, elegant dress suitable for wearing on formal occasions

evening paper British & World English

A newspaper published after about midday

evening star British & World English

The planet Venus, seen shining in the western sky after sunset

evening suit British & World English

A man’s formal suit to be worn in the evening

evening wear British & World English

Clothing, especially for women, that is suitable for formal social occasions

good evening British & World English

Expressing good wishes on meeting or parting during the evening

evening prayer British & World English

A formal act of worship held in the evening

evening grosbeak British & World English

A grosbeak native to North America, with yellow coloring

evening primrose British & World English

A plant with pale yellow flowers that open in the evening

of an evening in of British & World English

On most evenings (or mornings etc.)

of an evening British & World English

On most evenings (or mornings etc.)

evening primrose oil British & World English

An oil extracted from the seeds of the evening primrose. It contains gamma-linolenic acid and is used in complementary and alternative medicine, especially in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome

evening English Thesaurus

he came over to see me one evening

evening English-Spanish

noche f

evening dress English-Spanish

traje m de noche

evening primrose oil English-Spanish

aceite f de prímula

evening paper in evening English-Spanish

periódico, vespertino mlenguaje periodístico/journalese

the evening star in evening English-Spanish

el lucero de la tarde, la estrella de Venus

every Tuesday evening in evening English-Spanish

todos los martes por la tarde/noche (

it's a beaut evening in beaut English-Spanish

hace una tarde maravillosa

a deadly dull evening in dull English-Spanish

una noche terriblemente aburrida

you must come over one day/evening in one English-Spanish

tienes que venir un día/una noche

Morning/Evening Prayer in prayer English-Spanish

oficioen la Iglesia Anglicana

children's/evening wear in wear English-Spanish

ropa de niños/para la noche

he came in the evening in evening English-Spanish

vino por la tarde, vino en la tarde, vino a la tarde

early one Tuesday evening in early English-Spanish

un martes a primeras horas de la noche

evening dress is optional in optional English-Spanish

el traje de etiqueta no es de rigor

as the evening progressed in progress English-Spanish

a medida que pasaban las horas

I'm not free this evening in free English-Spanish

tengo un compromiso esta noche

in the cool of the evening in cool English-Spanish

por la tarde cuando está

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