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evolution British & World English

The process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth

evolution English Thesaurus

the evolution of the Internet as an advertising medium

co-evolution British & World English

The influence of closely associated species on each other in their evolution

creative evolution British & World English

(In the philosophy of Henri Bergson) continuous change and development, conceived as an inherent property of the universe.

mosaic evolution British & World English

Evolution in which different characteristics and structures of an organism evolve at different rates.

parallel evolution British & World English

Evolution following a similar course in related groups of organisms; parallelism.

social evolution British & World English

The development of human societies, especially when considered progressive in nature.

artificial evolution British & World English

A process of development or change analogous to or likened to biological evolution.

theory of evolution British & World English

(In general) the proposition that all living organisms have undergone a process of alteration and diversification from simple primordial forms during the earth's history; (in particular) a scientific theory proposing a mechanism for this process, now especially that based on Darwin's theory of the natural selection of genetically inherited and adaptive variation.

macroevolution British & World English

Major evolutionary change, especially with regard to the evolution of whole taxonomic groups over long periods of time

microevolution British & World English

Evolutionary change within a species or small group of organisms, especially over a short period

speciational evolution in speciational British & World English

Pertaining to or resulting from speciation (especially in phr. speciational evolution).