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excited British & World English

Very enthusiastic and eager

excite British & World English

Cause (someone) to feel very enthusiastic and eager

self-excited British & World English

Relating to or denoting a machine or system that generates or excites its own magnetic field

excited English Thesaurus

Louise felt excited and proud of her achievement

excited English-Spanish

entusiasmado, excitado

don't get excited in excited English-Spanish

no te agites, no te pongas nervioso

don't get too excited in excited English-Spanish

no te entusiasmes demasiado, no te hagas demasiadas ilusiones

I'm so excited about the trip in excited English-Spanish

estoy tan entusiasmado con el viaje, el viaje me hace tanta ilusión

she's really excited about her new job in really English-Spanish

está entusiasmadísima con su nuevo trabajo

I'm not wildly excited by the prospect in wildly English-Spanish

la perspectiva no me entusiasma mucho que digamos

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