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expert British & World English

A person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area

non-expert British & World English

A person without professional or specialized knowledge in a particular subject

expert system British & World English

A piece of software which uses databases of expert knowledge to offer advice or make decisions in such areas as medical diagnosis

expert witness British & World English

A person whose level of specialized knowledge or skill in a particular field qualifies them to present their opinion about the facts of a case during legal proceedings

expert English Thesaurus

he is an expert in kendo

expert English-Spanish


expert system English-Spanish

sistema m experto

computer expert in computer English-Spanish

técnico informático, técnica informática, técnico, -ca en computadoras (or ordenadores etc)

I'm no expert in expert English-Spanish

no soy ningún experto

I'm no expert, but … in no English-Spanish

no soy ningún experto, pero …

professional/expert opinion in opinion English-Spanish

opinión profesional/de un experto

ask him, he's the expert in expert English-Spanish

pregúntale a él que es el experto

you'd better seek expert advice in expert English-Spanish

te conviene asesorarte con un experto

don't ask me, he's the expert in he English-Spanish

no me preguntes a mí, el experto es él

he professed to be an expert in profess English-Spanish

se preciaba de ser un experto, pretendía ser un experto

you're an expert, I understand in understand English-Spanish

tengo entendido que eres todo un experto

a scientific/medical/financial expert in expert English-Spanish

un experto en ciencia/medicina/finanzas

don't ask me, she's the expert in she English-Spanish

no me preguntes a mí, la experta es ella

now watch how an expert does it in watch English-Spanish

ahora mira cómo lo hace un experto

he's an undoubted expert on the subject in undoubted English-Spanish

no cabe duda de que es todo un experto en el tema

since when have you been an expert? in when English-Spanish

¿desde cuándo eres un experto?

you're supposed to be the expert, not me in suppose English-Spanish

el experto se supone que eres tú, no yo

he's working under the wing of an expert in wing English-Spanish

trabaja bajo la tutela de un experto

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