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expose British & World English

Make (something) visible by uncovering it

exposé British & World English

A report in the media that reveals something discreditable

expose oneself in expose British & World English

Publicly and indecently display one’s genitals

expose someone to in expose British & World English

Cause someone to be vulnerable or at risk

overexpose British & World English

Expose too much, especially to the public eye or to risk

exposé New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

report revealing something discreditable

expose English Thesaurus

the gold covering was flaking away, exposing the white plaster

exposé English Thesaurus

a TV exposé on chart hyping

expose English-Spanish


exposé English-Spanish

revelación feminine

expose oneself in expose English Thesaurus

police are hunting a man who exposed himself to a young woman

to expose sth/sb (to sth) English-Spanish

exponer* a algo/algn (

to expose oneself in expose English-Spanish

hacer* exhibicionismo

do not expose to direct heat in direct English-Spanish

no exponer directamente al calor

they were finally able to expose him in able English-Spanish

finalmente pudieron desenmascararlo

to expose oneself to criticism/ridicule/danger in expose English-Spanish

exponerse* a las críticas/al ridículo/al peligro