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exposure British & World English

The state of having no protection from something harmful

auto-exposure British & World English

A device which sets the exposure automatically on a camera

pre-exposure British & World English

Previous or premature exposure to something, especially to a disease or infection

time exposure British & World English

The exposure of photographic film for longer than the maximum normal shutter setting

double exposure British & World English

The repeated exposure of a photographic plate or film to light, often producing ghost images

indecent exposure British & World English

The crime of intentionally showing one’s sexual organs in public

exposure English Thesaurus

the exposure of the lizard's vivid blue tongue alarms the attacker

exposure English-Spanish


auto-exposure English-Spanish


time exposure English-Spanish


exposure meter English-Spanish

exposímetro m

double exposure English-Spanish

doble exposición

indecent exposure English-Spanish

(delito m de) exhibicionismo m

double exposure in exposure English-Spanish

doble exposición, superimposición

exposure to the weather in exposure English-Spanish

exposición a las inclemencias del tiempo

the exposure of earlier strata in exposure English-Spanish

el descubrimiento de estratos anteriores

to be suffering from exposure in exposure English-Spanish

tener* síntomas de congelación

they've had minimal exposure to computers in exposure English-Spanish

han tenido poquísima experiencia con computadoras

she was threatened with public exposure in exposure English-Spanish

amenazaron con ponerla al descubierto

he benefited from exposure to other cultures in exposure English-Spanish

el contacto con otras culturas le resultó positivo

he has not had the exposure he deserves in exposure English-Spanish

no ha recibido la atención pública que merece

his exposure as a drug dealer ruined his career in exposure English-Spanish

su carrera se vio arruinada al revelarse que era un traficante de drogas

he objected to the exposure of so much bare flesh in exposure English-Spanish

estaba en contra de que se exhibiera tanta desnudez