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exposure British & World English

The state of having no protection from something harmful

exposure English Thesaurus

the exposure of the lizard's vivid blue tongue alarms the attacker

post-exposure British & World English

Of or relating to the time (immediately) after exposure to a process, experience, disease, etc.; occurring, experienced, or administered after exposure.

auto-exposure British & World English

A device which sets the exposure automatically on a camera

pre-exposure British & World English

Previous or premature exposure to something, especially to a disease or infection

time exposure British & World English

The exposure of photographic film for longer than the maximum normal shutter setting

exposure draft British & World English

A draft accounting standard circulated publicly for comment.

double exposure British & World English

The repeated exposure of a photographic plate or film to light, often producing ghost images

multiple exposure British & World English

The exposure of the same frame of a film more than once so as to produce superimposed images; a facility for doing this; a multiple image made in this way.

indecent exposure British & World English

The crime of intentionally showing one’s sexual organs in public

post-exposure prophylaxis British & World English

Preventative treatment given after exposure to an infectious agent.

overexposure British & World English

Excessive exposure, especially to something harmful