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express1 British & World English

Convey (a thought or feeling) in words or by gestures and conduct

express2 British & World English

Operating at high speed, in particular

express3 British & World English

Stated explicitly, not merely implied

express train in express2 British & World English

A train that stops at few stations and travels quickly

express1 English Thesaurus

community leaders expressed anger over the result of the referendum

express2 English Thesaurus

an express bus

express3 English Thesaurus

the letter made express reference to the confidential nature of the information

air express British & World English

A service for the rapid transportation of parcels, etc., by air.

air-express British & World English

To send by air express.

re-express British & World English

To express (feelings, words, etc.) again, or in a different way.

boat express British & World English

An express boat train.

express canoe British & World English

A small, light, fast canoe used for deliveries or transporting passengers

express lane British & World English

(On a highway) a lane for through traffic, having fewer exits

express lift British & World English

A fast-moving lift which does not stop at every floor

express rifle British & World English

A rifle that discharges a bullet at high speed, used in big-game hunting

Pony Express British & World English

(In the US) a system of mail delivery operating from 1860-1 between St Joseph in Missouri and Sacramento in California, using continuous relays of horse riders

limited express British & World English

An express train consisting of a small number of cars and making few stops.

Orient Express British & World English

A train which ran between Paris and Istanbul and other Balkan cities, via Vienna, from 1883 to 1961. Since 1961 the name has been used for various trains running over parts of the old route

American Express British & World English

Attributive Designating a charge card issued by the American Express company.

express oneself in express1 English Thesaurus

he had difficulty expressing himself

Rheingold Express in Rheingold British & World English

In full Rheingold Express. A luxury train which ran along the course of the Rhine between the Hook of Holland (near Rotterdam) and Basel.