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extend British & World English

Cause to cover a wider area; make larger

hyperextend British & World English

Forcefully extend a limb or joint beyond its normal limits, either in exercise or therapy or so as to cause injury

overextend British & World English

Make (something) too long

extend English Thesaurus

in 1712 he attempted to extend his dominions

extend English-Spanish


to set/extend a deadline in deadline English-Spanish

fijar/prorrogar* el plazo de entrega

this job does not extend me in extend English-Spanish

este trabajo no me exige lo que podría rendir

to extend a warm welcome to sb in extend English-Spanish

darle* una calurosa bienvenida a algn

we need exercises that will extend our pupils in extend English-Spanish

necesitamos ejercicios que exijan el máximo rendimiento de nuestros alumnos

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