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fabric British & World English

Cloth produced by weaving or knitting textile fibres

fabric conditioner British & World English

A liquid used to soften clothes after they have been washed

interlock fabric in interlock British & World English

A fabric knitted with closely interlocking stitches allowing it to stretch

fabric English Thesaurus

they weave silks into the finest fabric

fabric English-Spanish

tela f, tejido m, género m

the fabric is stunning in stunning English-Spanish

la tela es una preciosidad

the fabric is a bit dowdy in dowdy English-Spanish

la tela es un poco aburrida

this fabric doesn't dye well in dye English-Spanish

esta tela no se tiñe bien

the fabric was gossamer-light in gossamer English-Spanish

el tejido era ligero y vaporoso

this fabric is machine-washable in washable English-Spanish

esta tela se puede lavar a máquina

the walls were covered in fabric in fabric English-Spanish

las paredes estaban tapizadas de tela

this fabric is repellent to water in repellent English-Spanish

esta tela repele el agua, esta tela es impermeable

after repeated washings, the fabric faded in washing English-Spanish

tras varios lavados, la tela perdió color

wait until the solution has worked through the fabric in work English-Spanish

espere hasta que la solución haya impregnado bien la tela

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