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failing British & World English

A weakness, especially in a person’s character; a shortcoming

fail British & World English

Be unsuccessful in achieving one’s goal

never-failing British & World English

Reliable and constant

failing English Thesaurus

Jeanne accepted him despite his failings

failing English-Spanish

defecto masculine

never-failing English-Spanish

inagotable, inacabable

my eyesight is failing in eyesight English-Spanish

mi vista ya no es lo que era

my eyesight/memory is failing in fail English-Spanish

me está fallando la vista/memoria

failing that, try with bleach in failing English-Spanish

si eso no resulta, prueba con lejía

he retired because of failing health in fail English-Spanish

se retiró debido a problemas de salud

failing all else, they can stay here in failing English-Spanish

a falta de otra alternativa, se pueden quedar aquí

he could no longer read because of his failing eyesight in fail English-Spanish

la vista se le había deteriorado tanto que ya no podía leer

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