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fake1 British & World English

Not genuine; imitation or counterfeit

fake2 British & World English

Variant spelling of flake.

fake in flake4 British & World English

A single turn of a coiled rope or hawser

flake British & World English

A single turn of a coiled rope or hawser

fake bake British & World English

The process of getting a sunless tan, as under sunlamps or by applying a sunless-tanning lotion

fake book British & World English

A book of music containing the basic chord sequences of jazz or other tunes

fake tan British & World English

An artificial suntan

flake4 British & World English

Lay (a rope) in loose coils in order to prevent it tangling

fake someone out in fake1 British & World English

Trick or deceive someone

fake English Thesaurus

one of the sculptures was found to be a fake

fake English-Spanish

falsificación feminine, imitación feminine

fake tan English-Spanish


fake o fun fur in fur English-Spanish

piel feminine sintética

a fake fur coat in fake English-Spanish

un abrigo de piel sintética

his limp was a fake in fake English-Spanish

su cojera era una farsa

this passport is a fake in fake English-Spanish

este pasaporte es falso

the whole story was a complete fake in fake English-Spanish

toda la historia era puro cuento