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feature British & World English

A distinctive attribute or aspect of something

feature English Thesaurus

a typical feature of French music

feature phone British & World English

A mobile phone that incorporates features such as the ability to access the Internet and store and play music but lacks the advanced functionality of a smartphone

water feature British & World English

A pond or fountain in a garden

double feature British & World English

A cinema programme with two full-length films

feature article British & World English

A newspaper or magazine article that deals with a particular topic

feature-length British & World English

Of the length of a typical feature film or programme

feature writer British & World English

A person who writes feature articles for a newspaper or magazine

feature-complete British & World English

Denoting a version of a piece of software having all the functionality intended for the final version but requiring some improvements and fixes before release

feature in in feature British & World English

Be a significant characteristic of or take an important part in

feature film in feature British & World English

A full-length film intended as the main item in a cinema programme

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