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fellow British & World English

A man or boy

fellow English Thesaurus

he's a decent sort of fellow

fellow New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

senior member of a college

fellow feeling British & World English

Sympathy and fellowship existing between people based on shared experiences or feelings

teaching fellow British & World English

A postgraduate student who carries out teaching or laboratory duties in return for accommodation, tuition, or expenses

fellow-traveller British & World English

A person who travels with another

hail-fellow-well-met British & World English

Showing excessive familiarity or friendliness

hail-fellow-well-met English Thesaurus

he was a hail-fellow-well-met type of guy

bedfellow British & World English

A person who shares a bed with another

schoolfellow British & World English

More formal term for schoolmate.

research fellow in fellow British & World English

An elected graduate receiving a stipend for a period of research

fellow feeling in fellow English Thesaurus

she felt a rush of fellow feeling for the unfortunate woman