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fish1 British & World English

A limbless cold-blooded vertebrate animal with gills and fins living wholly in water

fish2 British & World English

A flat plate that is fixed on a beam or across a joint in order to give additional strength

Fish, Hamilton British & World English

(1808–93), US politician. A Republican, he held many political offices, including governor of New York 1849–50, US senator 1851–57, and US secretary of state 1869–77

fish English Thesaurus

some people were fishing in the lake

go fish British & World English

A card game in which each player in turn asks an opponent for a particular card and is told to “go fish” from the undealt deck if denied

date fish British & World English

A bivalve mollusc that bores into rock or wood; especially a date mussel.

fish-wrap British & World English

Of, relating to, or designating a low-quality publication, especially a newspaper.

head-fish British & World English

(Originally US) an ocean sunfish (family Molidae), which has the appearance of consisting chiefly of a large head without a tail.

May fish British & World English

US the striped killifish, Fundulus majalis.

neon fish British & World English

A neon tetra or similar fish showing iridescent colour.

oily fish British & World English

(Chiefly in the context of diet and nutrition) a fish that contains a relatively high proportion of oil; specifically one whose oil is distributed throughout its body and around the gut (rather than mainly in the liver, as in the typically less oily white fish).

pen-fish British & World English

A squid, a calamary. Compare pen. Now archaic.

pink fish British & World English

(Newfoundland) dried and salted cod that has spoiled and is turning pink.

pond fish British & World English

Any of various fishes reared or kept in ponds; especially the common carp, Cyprinus carpio.

prey fish British & World English

A fish that is commonly the prey of another.

reef fish British & World English

Any of numerous marine fishes which frequent coral reefs; specifically any of several small damselfishes of the genus Chromis (family Pomacentridae), found chiefly in the Caribbean.

bony fish British & World English

A fish of a large class distinguished by a skeleton of bone, and comprising the majority of modern fishes

fish bone British & World English

Any of the bones forming the skeleton of a fish, especially one of the sharp slender bones attached to the backbone

fish farm British & World English

A place where fish are bred for commercial purposes

fish food British & World English

Ground dried fish or plant matter used as feed for fish

fish hawk British & World English

Another term for osprey.

fish pond British & World English

A pond in which live fish are kept

fish shop British & World English

A shop that sells fish for food

fish tank British & World English

A transparent container of water in which live fish and other water creatures and plants are kept; an aquarium

food fish British & World English

A species of fish which is used as food by humans, or forms a major part of the diet of a particular predator

game fish British & World English

A fish caught by anglers for sport, especially (in fresh water) salmon and trout and (in the sea) billfishes, sharks, bass, and many members of the mackerel family

leaf fish British & World English

A small deep-bodied predatory freshwater fish, with mottled brownish-green coloration which gives it a leaf-like appearance

red fish British & World English

Fish with dark flesh, such as herring, mackerel, sardine, and pilchard

salt fish British & World English

Fish, especially cod, that has been preserved in salt

wet fish British & World English

Fresh fish, as opposed to fish which has been frozen, cooked, or dried

wolf fish British & World English

A large long-bodied marine fish with a long-based dorsal fin and sharp doglike teeth, which lives in deep waters of the northern hemisphere

X-ray fish British & World English

A small almost transparent freshwater fish with an opaque body cavity. Native to South America, it is popular in aquaria

coney fish British & World English

Any of various marine fishes which are said to resemble the rabbit in some way.

fossil fish British & World English

A fossilized fish; an extinct fish existing only as fossils.

frost fish British & World English

North American the tomcod, Microgadus tomcod (family Gadidae), which becomes abundant on the east coast of North America in the late autumn.

green fish British & World English

Fresh, unsalted fish; specifically cod (Gadus morrhua) before it has been salted or cured.

little fish British & World English

A person or thing of relatively little importance or significance, especially in little fish in a big pond (and variants): a person or thing regarded as comparatively insignificant, or whose influence is diminished within the context of a larger group or more populous environment.

livery fish British & World English

The cuckoo wrasse, Labrus mixtus.

mango fish British & World English

The paradise threadfin, Polynemus paradiseus (family Polynemidae), a small fish found commonly in coastal and estuarine waters of South Asia.

market fish British & World English

Fish, especially cod, of a marketable size.

mutton-fish British & World English

Chiefly US. Any of various marine fishes of the Caribbean and western Atlantic whose flesh when cooked is supposed to taste of mutton; especially (a) the mutton snapper, Lutjanus analis; (b) the ocean pout, Macrozoarces americanus; (c) the Irish pompano, Diapterus auratus.

penny fish British & World English

A small freshwater perciform fish, Denariusa bandata (family Chandidae), of northern Australia and New Guinea.

puppy-fish British & World English

An angel shark or monkfish (family Squatinidae).

purple-fish British & World English

Any of various gastropod molluscs which historically yielded the dye Tyrian purple.

rifle fish British & World English

Any of several archerfishes (genus Toxotes).

river fish British & World English

A fish that lives in rivers and streams; a freshwater fish, especially one that lives in running water rather than still water.

rough fish British & World English

With plural concord. Fish of inferior quality, especially those of a species considered too coarse or ill-tasting for general consumption, or unsuitable for sportfishing, and hence formerly caught or bought chiefly by the poor; sometimes opposed to game fish. Also in singular: a fish of this sort.

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