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flamenco British & World English

A style of Spanish music, played especially on the guitar and accompanied by singing and dancing

flamenco English-Spanish

flamenco m

flamenco Spanish-English

flamenco before n

flamenco dancer in flamenco English-Spanish

bailarín, -rina m,f de flamenco, bailaor,

flamenco music in flamenco English-Spanish

flamenco m, música

cante flamenco in cante Spanish-English

flamenco, flamenco singing

ponerse flamenco in flamenco Spanish-English

to get sassy, to get stroppy

tablao flamenco in tablao Spanish-English

bar or club where flamenco is performed

Spain is the home of flamenco in home English-Spanish

España es la tierra del flamenco

es de lo más salado bailando flamenco in salado Spanish-English

he dances flamenco with real flair