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flowering British & World English

(Of a plant) in bloom

flower British & World English

(Of a plant) produce flowers; bloom

flowering plant British & World English

A plant that produces flowers; an angiosperm

flowering rush British & World English

A tall rush-like plant with long, narrow leaves and pinkish flowers, living in shallow slow-moving water and native to Eurasia

flowering cherry British & World English

An ornamental tree grown for its spring blossom, the fruit not being considered edible

flowering currant British & World English

An ornamental shrub grown for its clusters of small pinkish-red flowers

flowering quince British & World English

An Asian shrub of the rose family, with bright red flowers followed by round white, green, or yellow edible fruits

flowering rush in rush2 British & World English

Used in names of plants of wet habitats that are similar to rushes, e.g. flowering rush

flowering English-Spanish

floración f

a summer-/spring-flowering plant in flower English-Spanish

una planta que florece en verano/primavera