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fluorescence British & World English

The visible or invisible radiation produced from certain substances as a result of incident radiation of a shorter wavelength such as X-rays or ultraviolet light

X-ray fluorescence British & World English

Fluorescence as a result of irradiation with X-rays; the emission of characteristic X-rays when a substance is irradiated with X-rays or other high-energy radiation, especially as an investigative and analytical tool.

fluorescence spectrum British & World English

The spectrum of the light emitted by a substance when it is excited to fluorescence.

resonance fluorescence British & World English

Fluorescence in which the light emitted has the same wavelength as the light exciting the emission.

fluorescence microscope British & World English

An optical microscope in which an image is generated by the fluorescence of the examined object when illuminated with light of an appropriate wavelength.

fluorescence microscopy British & World English

The use of fluorescence microscopes in scientific investigation; the science or technology concerned with this.

epifluorescence British & World English

The fluorescence of an object in an optical microscope when irradiated from the viewing side