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flush1 British & World English

(Of a person’s skin, face, etc.) become red and hot, typically as the result of illness or strong emotion

flush2 British & World English

Completely level or even with another surface

flush3 British & World English

(In poker or brag) a hand of cards all of the same suit

flush4 British & World English

A piece of wet ground over which water flows without being confined to a definite channel

hot flush British & World English

A sudden feeling of feverish heat, typically as a symptom of the menopause

four flush British & World English

A poker hand of little value, having four cards of the same suit and one of another

royal flush British & World English

(In poker) a straight flush including ace, king, queen, jack, and ten all in the same suit, which is the hand of the highest possible value when wild cards are not in use

busted flush British & World English

(In poker) a hand containing four cards of the same suit and one of a different suit

straight flush British & World English

(In poker or brag) a hand of cards all of one suit and in a continuous sequence (for example, the seven, eight, nine, ten, and jack of spades)

flushed British & World English

(Of a person) excited or elated by something

flush1 English Thesaurus

he kissed her cheek and she flushed in embarrassment

flush2 English Thesaurus

the company was flush with cash

flush English-Spanish

a flush of anger brightened her cheeks

hot flush English-Spanish

sofoco m, bochorno m, vaporada, calor mRPlfamiliar/colloquial

royal flush English-Spanish

escalera f real, flor

flush toilet English-Spanish

WC m, wáter

to be flush in flush English-Spanish

andar* bien de dinero

a straight flush in straight English-Spanish

una escalera de color, una escalera real

to flush the toilet in flush English-Spanish

tirar de la cadena, jalarle (a la cadena)

the toilet won't flush in flush English-Spanish

la cisterna no funciona

give the toilet another flush in flush English-Spanish

tira otra vez de la cadena, jálale (a la cadena) otra vez

the table is flush with the cabinet in flush English-Spanish

la mesa está alineada con el armario

the first pink flush of dawn in the sky in flush English-Spanish

el primer arrebol del alba en el cielo

the mirror is fitted so as to be flush with the wall in flush English-Spanish

el espejo está empotrado para que no sobresalga de la pared

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