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focus British & World English

The centre of interest or activity

focus English Thesaurus

schools are a focus of community life

back focus British & World English

The distance between the back of a lens and the image of an object at infinity

fixed focus British & World English

A camera focus that cannot be adjusted, typically used with a small-aperture lens having a large depth of field

focus group British & World English

A group of people assembled to participate in a discussion about a product before it is launched, or to provide feedback on a political campaign, television series, etc.

soft focus British & World English

Deliberate slight blurring or lack of definition in a photograph or film

focus puller British & World English

An assistant to a film or television cameraman, who is responsible for keeping the lens focused during filming

depth of focus British & World English

another term for depth of field.

refocus British & World English

Adjust the focus of (a lens or one’s eyes)

prefocus British & World English

Relating to or denoting a light bulb which is designed so that its beam is focused automatically when it is fitted inside a lamp, especially a vehicle headlamp

autofocus British & World English

A device focusing a camera or other piece of equipment automatically

in focus in focus English Thesaurus

colour snaps will do as long as they are in focus

out of focus in focus English Thesaurus

why are some of the shots out of focus?