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former1 British & World English

Having previously been a particular thing

former2 British & World English

A person or thing that forms something

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in Macedonia British & World English

A landlocked republic in the Balkans; population 2,066,700 (est. 2009); official language, Macedonian; capital, Skopje. Formerly a constituent republic of Yugoslavia, Macedonia became independent after a referendum in 1991. Also called Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

former English Thesaurus

the former Bishop of London

former English-Spanish


first-former English-Spanish

alumno, -na m,f de primer año, del colegio secundario, alumno, -na m,f de sexto de EGBen Esp

sixth former English-Spanish

alumno de uno de los dos últimos años de la enseñanza secundaria

its former glory in glory English-Spanish

su antiguo esplendor, su antigua gloria

in former days o times in former English-Spanish

antes, en otros tiempos, antiguamente

to restore sth to its former glory in restore English-Spanish

restituir* algo a su antigua grandeza

she was a shadow of her former self in shadow English-Spanish

no era ni sombra de lo que había sido

the Kingdom has lapsed from its former glory in lapse English-Spanish

el Reino ha perdido su antigua gloria

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