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founder1 British & World English

A person who manufactures articles of cast metal; the owner or operator of a foundry

founder2 British & World English

A person who establishes an institution or settlement

founder3 British & World English

(Of a ship) fill with water and sink

founder1 English Thesaurus

Thomas Bodley, the founder of Oxford's Bodleian Library

founder2 English Thesaurus

the ship foundered on a voyage to Holland

type founder British & World English

A designer and maker of metal type

founder effect British & World English

The reduced genetic diversity which results when a population is descended from a small number of colonizing ancestors

founder member British & World English

A person belonging to a society or organization who was involved in setting it up

founder's day British & World English

A day celebrating the anniversary of the establishment of a society or organization, on which its founder is honoured

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