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fragment British & World English

A small part broken off or separated from something

fragment English Thesaurus

more than 5000 meteorite fragments

restriction fragment British & World English

A fragment of a DNA molecule that has been cleaved by a restriction enzyme

restriction fragment length polymorphism British & World English

A variation in the length of restriction fragments produced by a given restriction enzyme in a sample of DNA. Such variation is used in forensic investigations and to map hereditary disease

Muratorian fragment in Muratorian British & World English

Of or relating to Muratori or his work; especially designating or relating to an 8th-cent. Latin manuscript fragment containing a translation (probably from the Greek) of the earliest surviving Western list of New Testament scriptures, generally dated to the later part of the 2nd cent. a.d. Chiefly in Muratorian canon, Muratorian fragment.