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friction British & World English

The resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another

friction tape British & World English

another term for insulating tape.

skin friction British & World English

Friction at the surface of a solid and a fluid in relative motion

friction clutch British & World English

A clutch in which friction between two moving surfaces is increased until they move in unison

friction drive British & World English

A transmission system used in motor vehicles that depends upon friction between moving parts in contact to transmit motion

friction welding British & World English

Welding in which the heat is produced by rotating one component against the other under compression

coefficient of friction British & World English

The ratio between the force necessary to move one surface horizontally over another and the pressure between the two surfaces

friction English Thesaurus

the friction of the rope on the winding sheave

friction English-Spanish

rozamiento m, fricción f

that is bound to lead to friction in friction English-Spanish

sin duda eso va a provocar tirantez

they tried to produce fire by friction in friction English-Spanish

intentaron hacer fuego frotando dos palos (

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