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friendly British & World English

Kind and pleasant

eco-friendly British & World English

Not harmful to the environment

friendly fire British & World English

Weapon fire coming from one’s own side that causes accidental injury or death to one’s own forces

user-friendly British & World English

(Of a machine or system) easy to use or understand

ozone-friendly British & World English

(Of manufactured products) not containing chemicals that are destructive to the ozone layer

printer-friendly British & World English

Formatted for output to a printer, with extraneous material deleted or suppressed

computer-friendly British & World English

Suitable for use with computers; compatible with computers

Friendly Islands British & World English

Another name for Tonga.

friendly society British & World English

(In the UK) a mutual association providing sickness benefits, life assurance, and pensions

environmentally friendly British & World English

Not harmful to the environment

friendly English Thesaurus

she is a naturally friendly child

friendly English-Spanish


eco-friendly English-Spanish


friendly fire English-Spanish

fuego masculine amigo

user-friendly English-Spanish

fácil de usar

child-friendly English-Spanish

fácil para el niño

family-friendly English-Spanish

pensado para familias

reader-friendly English-Spanish

fácil de leer

ozone-friendly English-Spanish

que no daña la capa de ozono

computer-friendly English-Spanish

compatible con computadoras (

friendly society English-Spanish

mutualidad feminine, sociedad feminine de socorros mutuos

he comes on so friendly in come on English-Spanish

da la impresión de ser tan amable

he comes on so friendly in come English-Spanish

da la impresión de ser tan amable

they are all very friendly in all English-Spanish

son todos muy simpáticos/todas muy simpáticas

they're friendly little creatures in creature English-Spanish

son unos animalitos muy simpáticos

he gave her a friendly wave in friendly English-Spanish

la saludó amablemente con la mano

there's a friendly little cafe nearby in friendly English-Spanish

hay un barcito cerca que es muy simpático

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