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general British & World English

Affecting or concerning all or most people or things; widespread

general English Thesaurus

they are moderately priced and suitable for general use

abbot-general British & World English

An abbot who is head of a congregation consisting of several associated monasteries.

field general British & World English

A general who commands troops on the field of battle.

general issue British & World English

A general plea, such as ‘not guilty’, by which all the material allegations presented are addressed.

general post British & World English

A game in which each player is called by the name of a place to which letters are supposed to be sent and all are required to change seats when ‘general post’ is called.

agent general British & World English

The representative of an Australian state or Canadian province in London or another major foreign city

cook-general British & World English

A domestic servant who does both housework and cookery

general roll British & World English

The larger of two New Zealand electoral rolls, comprising all electors who are not registered on the Maori roll

general staff British & World English

The staff assisting a military commander in planning and executing operations

general store British & World English

A shop that sells a wide variety of goods, typically one in a small town or village

General Synod British & World English

The highest governing body of the Church of England, an elected assembly of three houses (bishops, clergy, and laity)

major general British & World English

A rank of officer in the army and the US air force, above brigadier or brigadier general and below lieutenant general

vicar general British & World English

An Anglican official serving as a deputy or assistant to a bishop or archbishop

admiral general British & World English

(In Germany, Denmark, and other countries) the senior commanding officer of a naval fleet or navy; an officer holding the highest rank in a country's navy.

general epistle British & World English

= Catholic Epistle; also in extended use.

general health British & World English

The state of health of the body as a whole, or of a community.

general officer British & World English

An officer ranking above colonel in the US Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps

general orders British & World English

Orders issued by a commander-in-chief.

general pardon British & World English

A pardon for offences generally, or for those committed by a number of people not named individually.

general public British & World English

The community or people in general, usually in contrast to a specific group.

general reserve British & World English

A force held in reserve for deployment anywhere within the field of operations.

general servant British & World English

A servant whose duties are general rather than limited to a particular sphere; specifically = maid-of-all-work.

general ticket British & World English

The system by which the whole list of candidates for the representation, e.g. of a state or city, is voted upon by the undivided body of electors.

Justice General British & World English

Originally: a supreme judge in a particular division of the realm, a justiciar. Later: the (nominal) president of the Court of Justiciary.

Mother General British & World English

A female head of a religious order.

captain general British & World English

An honorary rank of senior officer in the British army, most commonly in an artillery regiment

consul general British & World English

A consul of the highest status

general average British & World English

(In maritime law) the apportionment of financial liability for the loss arising from the jettisoning of cargo by dividing the costs among all those whose property (ship or cargo) was preserved by the action

General Baptist British & World English

A member of an Arminian Baptist congregation who rejects the Calvinist doctrine of predestination

general counsel British & World English

(In the US) the main lawyer who gives legal advice to a company

general dealer British & World English

(In South Africa) the keeper of a rural or township store

general ledger British & World English

The main accounting record of a company or organization

general manager British & World English

A manager in charge of running the main day-to-day business activities of a company or department

general meeting British & World English

A meeting open to all members of an organization

general partner British & World English

A member of a business partnership who has unlimited liability for debts incurred by the business

general-purpose British & World English

Having a range of potential uses or functions; not specialized in design

General Santos British & World English

A port city in the Philippines, on southern Mindanao Island, on Saragani Bay; population 443,500 (est. 2007)

general science British & World English

A course of study incorporating elements of several different sciences, typically as a school subject

general strike British & World English

A strike of workers in all or most industries

general studies British & World English

A course of study that covers a variety of topics, typically as a school subject

States General British & World English

The legislative body in the Netherlands from the 15th to 18th centuries, and in France until 1789, representing the three estates of the realm (i.e. the clergy, the nobility, and the commons)

surgeon general British & World English

(Chiefly in the US) the head of a public health service or of the medical service of an army, navy, or air force

valuer general British & World English

A state official who assesses properties for rating and taxation purposes

drum-major general British & World English

(In the British army) a staff officer having overall charge of the provision and organization of drummers.

general admission British & World English

Admission to unreserved seating at a concert, sports event, etc. (frequently attributive).

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