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gifted British & World English

Having exceptional talent or natural ability

gift British & World English

Give (something) as a gift, especially formally or as a donation or bequest

regift British & World English

Give (an unwanted gift that one has received) to someone else as a gift

gifted English Thesaurus

she was already a gifted artist

gifted English-Spanish

de talento, talentoso

singularly gifted in singularly English-Spanish

excepcionalmente dotado

athletically gifted in athletically English-Spanish

especialmente dotado para el atletismo

a very gifted young woman in gifted English-Spanish

una joven de gran talento

she is gifted with patience in gifted English-Spanish

tiene el don de la paciencia

to be gifted with second sight in second sight English-Spanish

tener* el don de la clarividencia, ser* clarividente

how could so gifted a poet stop writing? in so English-Spanish

¿cómo pudo dejar de escribir un poeta con tanto talento?

he thinks she's gifted and I think so too in so English-Spanish

él cree que tiene talento y yo también