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goon British & World English

A silly, foolish, or eccentric person

Goon in goon British & World English

A silly, foolish, or eccentric person

go on in go1 British & World English

Continue or persevere

go on British & World English

Continue or persevere

go1 British & World English

(Of money) be spent, especially in a specified way

goon English-Spanish

memo,, ganso,

go on English-Spanish


go on! in go on English-Spanish

¡dale!, ¡vamos!, ¡venga!

go on! in go English-Spanish

¡dale!, ¡vamos!, ¡venga!

go on, scoot! in scoot English-Spanish

¡anda, lárgate!

go on, give us a smile in give English-Spanish

a ver, una sonrisita familiar/colloquial

the goon squad in goon English-Spanish

la policía, la pasma Espargot/slang, la tomba, la cana RPlargot/slang, la tira Méxfamiliar/colloquial, los pacos

go on, dive in, I dare you! in dare English-Spanish

¡anda, tírate! ¿a que no te atreves

go on! one more glass won't hurt in hurt English-Spanish

anda, no pasa nada si te tomas otra copa

go on, I know you're bursting to tell me in bursting English-Spanish

vamos, sé que te mueres por decírmelo

go on, be a devil, have another one! in devil English-Spanish

¡anda, cómete otro, no seas tonto!

go on, have some — OK, just a drop in drop English-Spanish

anda, bebe —bueno, una gotita

to be/go on (a) hunger strike in hunger strike English-Spanish

estar* haciendo/hacer* huelga de hambre

go on, live dangerously, have another drink! in dangerously English-Spanish

vamos, sé osada y tómate otro humorístico/humorous

go on, drink it; it'll put hairs on your chest in hair English-Spanish

anda, bébetelo; verás como te sientes como nuevo

go on, let your hair down, and come out for a drink! in hair English-Spanish

¡vamos, suéltate la melena y vente a tomar una copa!