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gordo British & World English

A popular variety of grape

Cerro Gordo British & World English

A mountain pass in eastern Mexico, between Veracruz and Jalapa, scene of an 1847 victory by US forces in the Mexican War

pez gordo Spanish-English

bigwig, big cheese

pez gordo Spanish-English

bigwig, big cheese

estás más gordo in gordo Spanish-English

you've put on weight

¡qué gordo está! in estar Spanish-English

isn't he fat!, hasn't he got(ten) fat!

es bajo y gordo in ser Spanish-English

he's short and fat

le tocó el gordo in gordo Spanish-English

he won the first prize

gordo y coloradote in -ote Spanish-English

fat and with a ruddy complexion

me/le/nos cae gordo in gordo Spanish-English

I/she/we can't stand him

siempre ha sido muy gordo in gordo Spanish-English

he's always been very overweight

el gordo ha caído en Bilbao in caer Spanish-English

the jackpot has been won in Bilbao

para lo que come, no está nada gordo in para Spanish-English

considering how much he eats, he's not at all fat

no lo soporto, me cae de gordo/de mal … in caer Spanish-English

I can't stand him, he's a real pain

el accidente de su hijo fue un palo muy gordo in palo Spanish-English

his son's accident was a terrible blow

nos sacamos el gordo de la lotería — ¡a poco ! in poco Spanish-English

we won the big lottery prize — you didn't!

dice que está gordo, sin embargo sigue comiendo mucho in embargo Spanish-English

he says he's too fat and yet he still goes on eating a lot