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gospel British & World English

The teaching or revelation of Christ

Gospel in gospel British & World English

The record of Christ’s life and teaching in the first four books of the New Testament

Gospel side British & World English

(In a church) the north side of the altar, at which the Gospel is read

hot gospel British & World English

The fervent propounding of religious beliefs; zealous evangelism

social gospel British & World English

Christian faith practised as a call not just to personal conversion but to social reform

gospel truth in gospel British & World English

A thing that is absolutely true

gospel music in gospel British & World English

A fervent style of black American evangelical religious singing, developed from spirituals sung in Southern Baptist and Pentecostal Churches

gospel English Thesaurus

the Gospel was spread informally by missionaries

gospel English-Spanish


gospel Spanish-English


to preach the Gospel in preach English-Spanish

predicar* el Evangelio

to preach/spread the gospel in gospel English-Spanish

predicar*/difundir el Evangelio

go forth and preach the gospel in go English-Spanish

id y predicad el evangelio

the Gospel according to St Mark in gospel English-Spanish

el evangelio según San Marcos

he takes everything she says as gospel (truth) in gospel English-Spanish

para él, todo lo que dice ella es santa palabra

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