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governor British & World English

An official appointed to govern a town or region

governor general British & World English

The chief representative of the Crown in a Commonwealth country of which the British monarch is head of state

lieutenant governor British & World English

The acting or deputy governor of a state or province, under a governor or Governor General

governor English Thesaurus

the governor of the province

governor English-Spanish


governor general New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

chief representative of the Crown in a Commonwealth country

lieutenant governor English-Spanish


school governor in governor English-Spanish

miembro de un consejo escolar

he was inducted as governor in induct English-Spanish

fue investido (como) gobernador

the governor/ambassador designate in designate English-Spanish

quien ha sido nombrado gobernador/embajador

the Republican candidate for Governor in candidate English-Spanish

el candidato republicano a gobernador

it was done upon the governor's fiat in fiat English-Spanish

se hizo por orden del gobernador

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