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grab British & World English

Grasp or seize suddenly and roughly

grab bag British & World English

A lucky dip in which wrapped items are chosen by people at random

money grab British & World English

An undignified or unprincipled acquisition of a large sum of money with little effort

screen grab British & World English

A frame of television or video footage that is digitized and stored as a still image for subsequent display, editing, or printing

smash-and-grab British & World English

Denoting a robbery in which the thief smashes a shop window and seizes goods

grab someone by the throat in throat British & World English

Put one’s hands around someone’s throat, typically in an attempt to throttle them

grab someone by the throat British & World English

Put one’s hands around someone’s throat, typically in an attempt to throttle them

grab English Thesaurus

Doreen grabbed his arm, swinging him round

grab English-Spanish


grab bar English-Spanish

barra, agarradera f

grab rail English-Spanish

barra fpara agarrarse

grab handle English-Spanish

asa f, agarradera fAmL

screen grab English-Spanish

captura f de pantalla

smash-and-grab raid English-Spanish

robo men el que se rompe el escaparate de una tienda

grab a seat in grab English-Spanish

agárrate un asiento, coge asiento

to grab the headlines in grab English-Spanish

saltar a los titulares

to grab sb by the collar in collar English-Spanish

agarrar a algn del cuello

don't grab, wait your turn in grab English-Spanish

no arrebates, espera que te toque a ti

to make a grab for sth in grab English-Spanish

tratar de agarrar algo

to get o grab forty winks in wink English-Spanish

dar* una cabezadita, hacerse*

I'll just grab a hamburger somewhere in grab English-Spanish

me comeré una hamburguesa en algún sitio por ahí

the cat made a grab for the mouse in grab English-Spanish

el gato se abalanzó sobre el ratón

he tried to grab an overhanging branch in overhang English-Spanish

trató de agarrarse de una rama que colgaba por encima

to catch o grab o take hold (of sth) in hold English-Spanish

agarrar (algo), coger* (algo) esp Esp

I usually grab a cup of coffee on the run in run English-Spanish

por lo general me tomo un café a la(s) carrera(s)

I made a grab at her arm to stop her falling in grab English-Spanish

quise agarrarla del brazo para que no se cayera

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