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grape British & World English

A berry (typically green, purple, or black) growing in clusters on a grapevine, eaten as fruit and used in making wine

grape English Thesaurus

a bunch of grapes

fox grape British & World English

A wild grape-bearing vine native to the eastern US

grape ivy British & World English

An evergreen climbing plant of the vine family which is grown as a houseplant

sea grape British & World English

A salt-resistant tree of the dock family, bearing grape-like bunches of edible purple fruit and found on the Atlantic coasts of tropical America

grape sugar British & World English

Dextrose present in or derived from grapes

Concord grape British & World English

A cultivated variety of fox grape, used to make wine, juice, and jellies

Oregon grape British & World English

A North American mahonia which forms a spreading bush with spiny leaves

grape hyacinth British & World English

A small Eurasian plant of the lily family, with clusters of small globular blue flowers, cultivated as an ornamental or for use in perfume

grape scissors British & World English

A pair of scissors used for dividing a bunch of grapes

grapeshot British & World English

Ammunition consisting of a number of small iron balls fired together from a cannon

grapevine British & World English

A vine native to both Eurasia and North America, especially one bearing grapes used for eating or winemaking