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grease British & World English

A thick oily substance, especially as used as a lubricant

grease gun British & World English

A device for pumping grease under pressure to a particular point

elbow grease British & World English

Hard physical work, especially vigorous polishing or cleaning

grease board British & World English

A wipeable board with a white surface used for teaching or presentations; a whiteboard

grease pencil British & World English

A pencil made of grease colored with a pigment, used especially for marking glossy surfaces

grease the wheels in grease British & World English

Help matters run smoothly

grease the wheels British & World English

Help matters run smoothly

degrease British & World English

Remove excess grease or fat from

greasepaint British & World English

A waxy substance used as make-up by actors

greaseproof British & World English

(Especially of paper used in cooking) impermeable to oil or grease

grease English Thesaurus

axle grease

grease English-Spanish

grasa f

grease gun English-Spanish

pistola f de engrase

elbow grease English-Spanish

put some elbow grease into it!

grease nipple English-Spanish

engrasador m

a smudge of grease in smudge English-Spanish

una mancha de grasa, un lamparón

it must be cleaned of dust and grease in clean English-Spanish

hay que quitarle el polvo y la grasa

this place needs a bit of elbow grease in elbow grease English-Spanish

lo que hace falta aquí es una buena limpieza

the fried eggs lay in a pool of grease in grease English-Spanish

los huevos fritos nadaban en grasa