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green British & World English

Of the colour between blue and yellow in the spectrum; coloured like grass or emeralds

Green in green British & World English

Concerned with or supporting protection of the environment as a political principle

green English Thesaurus

a green scarf

red–green British & World English

Denoting colour blindness in which reds and greens are confused, either protanopia (daltonism) or deuteranopia

green ash British & World English

A North American ash tree, Fraxinus pennsylvanica of eastern and central areas.

green bag British & World English

A brief-bag made of green material, formerly used by barristers and lawyers. Now historical.

Green Bay British & World English

An industrial port city in northeastern Wisconsin, on Green Bay; population 101,025 (est. 2008)

green bug British & World English

Any of various green aphids (greenfly) and other green insects that are typically pests of plants; (in later use) especially the widespread aphid Schizaphis graminum, which infests grasses and cereal crops.

green cod British & World English

Cod (Gadus morrhua) which has recently been salted and is still moist. Also green codfish. Compare green fish. Now historical.

green oak British & World English

The wood of oak branches stained green by a parasitic fungus, used in decorative marquetry, especially in the manufacture of Tunbridge ware.

green oil British & World English

Oil pressed from unripe olives.

green pea British & World English

A pea harvested and eaten while still green, soft, and unripe; a garden pea; usually in plural.

green ray British & World English

A ray of light that gives a sensation of green when perceived; usually in plural.

green rod British & World English

The rod borne as the symbol of office by the Gentleman-ushers of the Order of the Thistle.

green wax British & World English

A document or estreat giving notice of a fine, amercement, etc., delivered by the Exchequer and bearing a green wax seal; such documents regarded collectively; (in extended use) the office issuing them. Also in process (also amerciament, issue) of green wax. Compare green cloth. Now historical.

ice-green British & World English

That is of a very pale green colour.

pot green British & World English

A leafy vegetable for boiling in a pot; = pot-herb.

green ban British & World English

A strike by construction workers opposed to a development project within a green belt, especially as imposed by a trade union

green box British & World English

A set of farming subsidies in the EU that do not affect production levels or prices

green fat British & World English

The green gelatinous part of a turtle, highly regarded by gourmets

green fee British & World English

A charge for playing one round or session on a golf course

green man British & World English

(In the UK) a symbol of an illuminated green human figure at a pedestrian crossing, indicating that it is safe to cross the road

green tea British & World English

Tea made from unfermented leaves that is pale in colour and slightly bitter in flavour, produced mainly in China and Japan

pea green British & World English

A bright green colour like that of a pea

sap green British & World English

A vivid yellowish-green pigment made from buckthorn berries

sea green British & World English

Of a pale bluish green colour

back green British & World English

A rear garden or yard; (in later use especially) the communal open space at the rear of a tenement building.

blue-green British & World English

A colour intermediate between blue and green; a pigment of this colour.

deep green British & World English

Of a dark, intense green colour.

fair green British & World English

A piece of public or common grassy land situated in or near a town or village, especially one where a fair is traditionally held.

green acres British & World English

Arable land, open fields; estates.

green alder British & World English

A shrubby alder, Alnus viridis, common in rocky or mountainous areas in north temperate regions.

green baize British & World English

Baize of a green colour, used especially to cover tables for cards or gaming; (also) the fine worsted cloth (not properly baize, which is coarser) used to cover billiard and snooker tables; (hence) such a table. Also in allusive use.

green bass British & World English

Any of several freshwater basses of the genus Micropterus (family Centrarchidae); especially the largemouth bass, M. salmoides.

green bean British & World English

The immature pod of any of various bean plants, eaten as a vegetable

green bine British & World English

A variety of the common hop, Humulus lupus, having a green bine.

green-blind British & World English

Affected with or exhibiting green-blindness; deuteranopic. Also as noun with the: green-blind persons (now rare).

green-bone British & World English

The viviparous blenny, Zoarces viviparus.

green break British & World English

To train (an unbroken horse or other animal) to accept harness, basic commands, etc., as a prelude to more advanced training.

green broke British & World English

Of a horse or other animal: newly or partially broken in.

green-coat British & World English

A person who wears a green coat, especially a member of a military force distinguished by wearing green coats.

green corn British & World English

The tender ears of young sweet corn, suitable for cooking and eating

green crab British & World English

A name for the common shore crab in its capacity as an invasive species in the US

green cross British & World English

Designating an artillery shell, marked with a green cross, which releases poisonous gas, originally used at Ypres during the First World War (1914–18); (also) designating the gas (a mix typically including phosgene) released by such a shell.

green curry British & World English

Any of various curry dishes having a green colour; (now) specifically a type of Thai curry which takes its colour from a seasoning mixture containing green chillies.

green ebony British & World English

More fully green ebony wood. The hard greenish wood of any of several tropical trees; especially (a) that of the South American tree Jacaranda mimosifolia, formerly used as a dyewood; (b) that of the ebony, Diospyros melanoxylon, found chiefly in southern India and Sri Lanka.

green fire British & World English

An intense green light produced by pyrotechnics; (now chiefly historical) a mixture ignited to produce this, typically containing barium.

green fish British & World English

Fresh, unsalted fish; specifically cod (Gadus morrhua) before it has been salted or cured.

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