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hanger1 British & World English

A person who hangs something

hanger2 British & World English

A wood on the side of a steep hill

hanger-on British & World English

A person who associates with another person or a group in a sycophantic manner or for the purpose of gaining some personal advantage

cliffhanger British & World English

A dramatic and exciting ending to an episode of a serial, leaving the audience in suspense and anxious not to miss the next episode

coat hanger in hanger1 British & World English

A shaped piece of wood, plastic, or metal with a hook at the top, from which clothes may be hung in order to keep them in shape

paperhanger British & World English

A person who decorates with wallpaper, especially professionally

hanger New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

person who hangs something

hanger English-Spanish

percha feminine, gancho masculine (para la ropa) Latin America/América Latina

hanger-on English-Spanish

parásito masculine, adlátere masculine and feminine

coat hanger English-Spanish

percha feminine

clothes hanger English-Spanish

percha feminine