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high frequency British & World English

(In radio) a frequency of 3-30 megahertz

ultra-high frequency British & World English

A radio frequency in the range 300 to 3,000 MHz

very high frequency British & World English

The band of frequencies between 30 and 300 megahertz, typically used for broadcasting television signals

high-frequency heating British & World English

The heating of something by subjecting it to a high-frequency electric or magnetic field.

high-frequency treatment British & World English

Treatment using high-frequency electric currents, especially for medicinal or cosmetic purposes; an instance of this.

high-frequency trading British & World English

A type of algorithmic trading in which large volumes of shares are bought and sold automatically at very high speeds

high-frequency alternator British & World English

Any of several kinds of alternator designed to give an alternating current with a frequency greater than about 10 kHz.

high-frequency amplification British & World English

Amplification of signals or sounds of high frequency; (Electronics) amplification at the carrier frequency in a receiver.

high-frequency resistance British & World English

Increased electrical resistance of a conductor at high frequencies.

high-frequency induction furnace British & World English

An induction furnace in which a high-frequency electric current is used.

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