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hop1 British & World English

(Of a person) move by jumping on one foot

hop2 British & World English

A twining climbing plant native to north temperate regions, cultivated for the flowers borne by the female plant, which are used in brewing beer

hop in in hop1 British & World English

Get into (or out of) a vehicle

hop in British & World English

Get into (or out of) a vehicle

bar-hop British & World English

Visit several bars in succession, having a drink in each

bed-hop British & World English

Engage in successive casual sexual affairs

hip hop British & World English

A style of popular music of US black and Hispanic origin, featuring rap with an electronic backing

bunny-hop British & World English

Jump forward in a crouched position

crow hop British & World English

A short jump with both feet together

long hop British & World English

A short-pitched, easily hit ball

short hop British & World English

A batted or thrown ball that hits the ground and is caught low just as it makes a bounce

sock hop British & World English

A social dance at which participants dance in their stockinged feet

trip hop British & World English

A style of dance music, usually slow in tempo, that combines elements of hip hop and dub reggae with softer, more ambient sounds

hop back British & World English

A container with a perforated bottom for straining off the hops in the manufacture of beer

hop bine British & World English

The climbing stem of the hop

hop tree British & World English

A North American shrub or small tree with bitter fruit that was formerly used in brewing as a substitute for hops

hedge-hop British & World English

Fly an aircraft at a very low altitude

channel-hop British & World English

Change frequently from one television channel to another, using a remote control device

island-hop British & World English

Travel from one island to another, especially as a tourist in an area of small islands

hop the twig in hop1 British & World English

Depart suddenly or die

hop the twig British & World English

Depart suddenly or die

hop, skip , and jump British & World English

old-fashioned term for triple jump.

bellhop British & World English

another term for bellboy.

hop bind in hop bine British & World English

The climbing stem of the hop

hopscotch British & World English

A children’s game in which each child by turn hops into and over squares marked on the ground to retrieve a marker thrown into one of these squares

hop English Thesaurus

he hopped along beside her

hop English-Spanish

salto, brinco m de cojito Méx

bed-hop English-Spanish

ir* de cama en cama

table-hop English-Spanish

ir* de mesa en mesa

channel-hop English-Spanish

hacer* zapping

island-hop English-Spanish

viajar de isla en isla

to hop it in hop English-Spanish

largarse* familiar/colloquial, tomárselas RPlfamiliar/colloquial, pintarse Méxfamiliar/colloquial, envelárselas

to hop out of bed in hop English-Spanish

bajarse de la cama (de un salto)

to keep sb on the hop in hop English-Spanish

tener* a algn muy atareado

to hop into bed with anyone in hop English-Spanish

acostarse* con cualquiera

to hop off/on a plane/train/bus in hop English-Spanish

bajarse/tomarse de un avión/tren/autobús

hop in, I'll take you to the station in hop English-Spanish

súbete, que te llevo a la estación

hop in a taxi, it's too far to walk in hop English-Spanish

tómate un taxi, es demasiado lejos para ir a pie

it's only a short hop from London to Paris in hop English-Spanish

es un vuelo muy corto de Londres a París

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