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hopper1 British & World English

A container for a loose bulk material such as grain, rock, or rubbish, typically one that tapers downward and is able to discharge its contents at the bottom

hopper2 British & World English

A person who picks hops

Hopper, Edward British & World English

(1882–1967), American realist painter. He is best known for his mature works, such as Early Sunday Morning (1930), often depicting isolated figures in bleak scenes from everyday urban life

Hopper, Grace Murray British & World English

(1906–92), US admiral, mathematician, and computer scientist. She taught mathematics at Vassar College 1931–44 before serving in the US Navy 1943–86, where she became the highest ranked female officer. From 1959 until 1971, she worked as a computer programmer for the Sperry Rand Corporation

club-hopper British & World English

A person who (habitually) goes club-hopping.

job hopper British & World English

A person who changes from one job to another; especially one who changes job repeatedly.

one-hopper British & World English

A shot in which the ball only bounces once after being struck.

plant hopper British & World English

A small widely distributed plant-sucking bug that leaps when disturbed. Some kinds are pests of rice and sugar cane

hopper head in hopper1 British & World English

A container at the top of a vertical pipe which receives water from a gutter or waste pipe

spacehopper British & World English

A toy for sitting on and bouncing around, consisting of a large plastic orange ball with horn-like projections at the top to hold on to