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horrible British & World English

Causing or likely to cause horror; shocking

horrible English Thesaurus

there was a horrible murder here earlier this year

horrible English-Spanish

horrible, horroroso

horrible Spanish-English

horrible, horrific

a horrible grin in grin English-Spanish

una mueca espantosa

tengo un afán horrible in afán Spanish-English

I'm in a terrible hurry

¡qué olor más bueno/horrible! in olor Spanish-English

what a lovely/horrible smell!

a horrible sight greeted us in greet English-Spanish

un espectáculo horroroso se ofreció a nuestra vista

she has a horrible laugh in laugh English-Spanish

tiene una manera horrible de reírse

me da una ladilla horrible in ladilla Spanish-English

it's a real drag, it really pisses me off, it really ticks me off

hoy hubo un atafago horrible en la oficina in atafago Spanish-English

things were really hectic in the office today

no fue tan horrible, si acaso un poco cansador in acaso Spanish-English

it wasn't that bad, a little tiring maybe

I've a horrible feeling we didn't invite the Smiths in horrible English-Spanish

tengo la horrible sensación de que nos olvidamos de invitar a los Smith

abre la ventana, en esta habitación hay un tufo horrible in tufo Spanish-English

open the window, it smells really stuffy in this room