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hospitality British & World English

The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers

corporate hospitality British & World English

The entertaining of clients by companies in order to promote business, especially at sporting or other public events

hospitality English Thesaurus

Scotland is renowned for its hospitality

hospitality English-Spanish

hospitalidad feminine

hospitality industry in hospitality English-Spanish

industria, hostelería feminine, hotelería feminineLatin America/América Latina

to impose on sb's generosity/goodwill/hospitality in impose English-Spanish

abusar de la generosidad/buena voluntad/hospitalidad de algn

it really was an imposition on her hospitality in imposition English-Spanish

la verdad es que fue abusar de su hospitalidad

sample the delights of traditional Greek hospitality in sample English-Spanish

descubra las delicias de la tradicional hospitalidad griega