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hot air British & World English

Empty talk that is intended to impress

hot air English Thesaurus

they dismissed the theory as a load of hot air

hot-air engine British & World English

An external-combustion engine using the expansion and contraction of repeatedly heated and cooled air to drive a piston in a chamber.

hot-air ballooning British & World English

The use of a hot-air balloon; travel in a hot-air balloon.

hot-air balloonist British & World English

A person who flies or travels in a hot-air balloon.

hot-air balloon British & World English

See balloon2noun2noun2noun.

hot-air gun in airgun British & World English

A tool used to strip paint by means of a stream of very hot air

hot-air balloon in balloon British & World English

A large bag filled with hot air or gas to make it rise in the air, typically one carrying a basket for passengers