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hungry British & World English

Feeling or showing the need for food

sex-hungry British & World English

Having strong feelings of sexual desire; lustful

power-hungry British & World English

Having a strong desire for power

hungry English Thesaurus

I was feeling ravenously hungry

hungry English-Spanish


power-/land-hungry in hungry English-Spanish

ansioso de poder/tierras

it makes you hungry in hungry English-Spanish

te da hambre, te abre el apetito

how hungry are you? in hungry English-Spanish

¿tienes mucha hambre?

another (hungry) mouth to feed in mouth English-Spanish

otra boca más que alimentar

I was ravenously hungry in ravenously English-Spanish

tenía un hambre devoradora, estaba muerta de hambre

to feel hot/cold/hungry/thirsty in feel English-Spanish

tener* calor/frío/hambre/sed

I'm cold/hot/hungry/thirsty/sleepy in be English-Spanish

tengo frío/calor/hambre/sed/sueño

I'm hungry — that's a good sign! in sign English-Spanish

tengo hambre — es (una) buena señal

are you hungry? — no, not very in very English-Spanish

¿tienes hambre? — no, no mucha

parents with four hungry mouths to feed in feed English-Spanish

padres con cuatro bocas que alimentar

if I get hungry, I'll have a pear in hungry English-Spanish

si me da hambre, me comeré una pera

you don't know what it is to be hungry in know English-Spanish

(tú) no sabes lo que es tener hambre

I don't know about you, but I'm hungry in know English-Spanish

yo no sé tú, pero yo tengo hambre

I'm still hungry; is there anything to follow? in follow English-Spanish

me he quedado con hambre ¿hay algo más?

if you don't like liver, you'll have to go hungry in hungry English-Spanish

si no te gusta el hígado, te quedas sin comer

I've prepared a little something, so I hope you're hungry in something English-Spanish

he preparado alguna cosita, así que espero que tengas hambre

I've been slaving over a hot stove all afternoon and you say you're not hungry! in slave English-Spanish

¡me he estado matando en la cocina toda la tarde y me dices que no tienes hambre!