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identification British & World English

The action or process of identifying someone or something or the fact of being identified

identification English Thesaurus

the identification of the suspect by the victim carries great weight

identification tag British & World English

A tag worn by or attached to a person or thing that bears their name or other identifying details

identification beacon British & World English

A beacon with a light or radio transmission that serves to identify the place or object where it is sited.

identification disc British & World English

A disc carried or worn by a person (usually one in the armed forces), giving his or her name and other details as a means of identification.

identification panel British & World English

An expanse of some material used as a sign to indicate the position of ground troops to friendly aircraft.

identification plate British & World English

The registered number plate of a motor vehicle.

identification parade British & World English

Another term for identity parade.

self-identification British & World English

The attribution of certain characteristics or qualities to oneself

identification technology British & World English

Technology (now especially computer technology) used to determine or verify the identity of a person or thing.

projective identification British & World English

The process by which (usually negative) aspects of a person's personality are projected on to and identified with another person, sometimes resulting in interactions through which the recipient actually feels or acts on the projected trait or emotion.

personal identification number British & World English

A number allocated to an individual and used to validate electronic transactions

automated fingerprint identification system British & World English

A computer system which automatically compares a fingerprint (of a suspect, from a crime scene, etc.) to those stored on a database, to determine if there is one that matches; abbreviated AFIS.